At the heart of what we do is telling stories and our favourite medium is film. 

Showreel – 2021

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Advertising & Commercials

Commercials and branded content are where we began in the world of film. Nodachi made a name in TV advertising by working with ethnic brands in the UK, giving a platform for BAME talent and allow smaller brands to get a quality product.

Line Production

Nodachi opened the UK up to international films with our first big Bollywood feature “They Sky is Pink” starring Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar. We have a knack for putting these large scale films together and have produced 4 feature films to date. We’re very proud of our features. Have a look at our approach.

Virtual Production

2020 put Virtual Production on the map with the perfect use case of Disney’s The Mandalorian. With the rise of the Novel Corona Virus film producers are looking to technology to continue to tell their stories.

Nodachi can simplify the virtual production process and allow Producers and Directors to forget about the technology and focus on their filmmaking.

Corporate Film

Part of telling stories also extends to corporations and governments trying to spread their message. Nodachi produces glossy corporate communication that will get your message across and look great.

Live Streaming

As a technology driven company Nodachi is well versed in Live TV and streaming production. We use our streaming tech to invite international clients onto their commercials and features that we shoot in the UK. Now we offer this service to all. Recent works include clients like The International Bar Association, Ryvita, Chanel and Lebara Mobile.