The most important part of any project is the people that see it through.

Nodachi has built up a team of highly experienced and motivated people who are dedicated to their art.

Our a roster of directors and directors of photography have influenced some very big brands. They all know how to tell stories, project manage and work to deadlines and budgets. Each director has a specialty and so we always recommend a director who’s style and speciality suits the project. Here are some of our long time companions, they have been working with us, some since we were first established.



Our Producer – Director


Ajay Arora

The man with the Plan

Ajay is a unique personality that started off as an engineer and ended up a creative. His knowledge is extensive from both a technical and creative standing which makes him especially skilled in green screen and post heavy production. His foundation in engineering gives him a strong understanding of all the processes that good films go through. This and his analytical ability make him a highly efficient producer, director and technical director. Technicalities aside Ajay shoots emotive photography, cinematic film and he has an unhealthy love for slow motion, time-lapse and tracking shots.

Our Directors


Bobby Dhillon

Its all glimmer glass this.. and prisms that!

Bobby has been shooting films since the mid eighties, he has worked on features all the way through to commercials, and has a fantastic visual style. His use of light and framing gives intimacy to family scenes, and he is no stranger to shooting food. His past clients include McDonald’s, TGI Fridays, Lebara Mobile, Lays Potato Chips, Infinity & Coca-Cola.

Bobby is the man you want when time isn’t on your side, Bobby is quick, precise and is the master of in camera cheating. He is also a highly skilled DOP and so prefers to shoot and direct his own commercials.

Joyeeta Patpatia

Every film I’ve ever worked on has cost me a phone…

Joyeeta’s directing style is warm and emotive, she can relate to children and family brands and has a certain magical way of directing happy slices of family life. Joyeeta has directed ads for Kurlon, Lebara Mobile, Jim Jam, Pespodent, Britannia and many more. She is the kind of director who attacks a project from every angle, she has ideas for the story, the sound, the colours, everything down to the props and wardrobe of characters. She works especially well with children, and always ads little moments of emotion into her work.

Our Directors of Photography


Allen Della-Valle

Cook Series 4 over Ultraprimes

Allen is a veteran DP, with over 35 years experience working in over 32 countries on every conceivable camera ever manufactured and in every scenario you can imagine. He literally has thousands of shoots under his belt and like our producer is a technical orientated DOP and is no stranger to chroma key, motion control, aerial cinematography, musion, building projection, high speed film,  mission & time critical setups and most importantly telling the story with the camera.

Bobby Dhillon

Wheres that Arrimax 18k I ordered?..

Bobby’s is quick.. very quick.