ATAMOS Samurai Blade & 256GB SSD


Real time monitoring with the Atomos 5” IPS 325ppi – 1280 x 720 touchscreen monitor. Monitoring functions at your fingertips including waveform, vectorscope, luma parade, RGB, focus peaking, zebra, false color & blue only.

  • Waveform Monitor
  • Vectorscope
  • Lume Parade
  • RGB
  • Focus Peaking
  • Zebra’s
  • False Colour
  • Blue Only
  • HDSDI in & out
  • SSD & HD Compatibility
  • ProRes & DNxHD Recording

Maximise use of your camera’s spectacular lens & sensor. Bypass internal high compression recording to H.264 / AVCHD / MPEG & upgrade to virtually lossless ready-to-edit 10-bit 422 Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD with the Samurai Blade. You can create realtime HD proxies on the Samurai Blade as you record 4K in camera. Use the “Tag” feature to Favourite or Reject takes to save time in the edit.

ATAMOS Samurai Blade KIT 1
per day
ATAMOS Samurai Blade KIT 2
per day
ATAMOS Samurai Blade
2 x Batteries
Charger / Mains Supply

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