Rifa Softboxes


The Lowel Rifa series of lights are easily the most useful soft lights on set. They set up in 30 seconds, weigh so little that you can clamp them anywhere, and produce a beautiful soft light.

  • Choice of 500W & 300W
  • Patented 30 Second setup time
  • Supplied with Light stand & 3M cable

Creating beautiful soft key or fill doesn’t have to be strenuous or time consuming. Compact, lightweight, and self-contained, the Rifa-lite EX uses a simple design approach as old as the umbrella to achieve its quick and easy setup and strike capabilities.

The EX series of Rifa Lites enables you to change out the fixture’s socket, to make use of higher wattage halogen, more economical tungsten, or cooler running fluorescent bulbs.

Rifa 300W Kit
per day
Rifa 500W Kit
per day
Rifa Twin Softbox Kit
per day
Rifa 3 Lamp Kit
per day
Rifa 300W Softbox
Rifa 500W Softbox
Light Stand
3 Meter Mains Cable
Lowel DP Core 1K Kit

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