Kelvin Tile


The Kelvin Technology Series LED-based lighting system provides unlimited variable color temperature, creating a new level of flexibility in lighting. Kelvin® TILES have a unique mix of 6 LEDs resulting in a high-quality, broad spectrum white light specifically developed for film and video applications.


  • High quality LED based soft light
  • Multiple colours of LED enable production of a single source of broad spectrum white light
  • Tunable Colour temperature between 2200k and 6500k
  • Minimal colour shift when dimmed
  • Power consumption 85 watts

The Kelvin® TILE is a professional lighting unit developed specifically to adapt to the dynamic requirements of film and video shoots. The TILE can be ordered with an industry standard v-mount to allow flexible, battery powered operation. These LED-based fixtures operate with a fraction of the power required by traditional professional lighting and with little to no heat emission. Unlike traditional lighting products, colour temperature remains consistent throughout the full range of intensity variation.

  • Runs on V-Lock battery
  • Output @ 1m is 419 Lux ( 5500k)
  • Local and DMX control for ease of use
  • Additional paintbox accessory available for additional control and special effects
Kelvin Tile Heavy Duty LED Panel
£20 per lamp
per day
4 x Kelvin Tile LED Panels
£60 kit price
per day
Kelvin Tile LED Panel
Top & Sides Barndoors
Mains Supply Kit
V-Lock Battery
Light Stand

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