Last month, Nodachi worked with the innovative design agency, PriestmanGoode for their latest animation for the launch of United Polaris, the new business class experience for West Jet. Working alongside the visualisation team at PriestmanGoode, Nodachi helped to recreate the 3D aircraft cabin interior within a green screen environment. We used our lighting expertise to recreate interior airplane and airport conditions and assisted PriestmanGoode and United Airlines in directing the actors to portray the comfort and luxury of the new West Jet experience. We had some fairly complex lighting setups to recreate, to aid us. We shot on our Canon 5DMK4 and used our Black Magic ATEM Switcher to give us a live chroma key on set to match up camera angles, and lighting on our actors.

See below for some behind the scenes and the final images.

West Jet Business Class

West Jet Business Class Laptop

West Jet Premium Economy

West Jet Economy

Behind the Scenes West jet shoot